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List Number 1
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Stole ten dollars from a guy at the Camden Market

Number 1 was an item on The List.

Stole ten dollars from a guy at the Camden Market[]

Earl recalled #1, the last bad thing he did before discovering karma. He remembered taking the note from Paul's pocket, and using it to buy the lottery ticket that changed his life. He went to the Market and looked at the security tapes, with the help of Iqball and Patty. He discovers that Paul tried to buy a scratch card but had no money, and so Earl got the scratch card that won him $100,000. He realized that he did not just owe Paul the $10 he stole; he owed him all his lottery winnings. Earl got out all the money from the bank and, despite Randy's pleads, took the cash to Paul's house. He gave the money to Paul, who was overjoyed. Earl explained that it was $5,000 short but he would get it to Paul when he could.

After Earl gathered some more money, he and Randy got on a bus to go to Paul's house, but on the way the bus ran over Paul himself. In the hospital, Paul explained that after Earl had been run down by the car, he had found Earl's winning ticket and taken it for himself. However, he had been run down moments later by the same old lady who ran Earl down. Paul continued to explain that he did not like what the money did to him. He got new clothes, put his mother in a nursing home, and refused to give money to the poor. He was a whole different person, which led him to being run over once again, by the bus. He explained that "old lady karma" did not want him to have the money, and he gave it back to Earl.

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