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List Number 147
List Number 147
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Shot Gwen Waters in the ass with a BB

Number 147 was an item on The List.

Shot Gwen Waters in the ass with a BB gun[]

Earl remembered shooting Gwen Waters in the ass with a BB gun many years ago, and decided to make up for it. He approached her and explained about his List, but she said that lying to her father, Paul, was the worst thing that Earl did; after Earl told her father that he did not shoot Gwen and it was a bird that hit her, her father never believed anything she said again, and she hadn't spoken to him for 20 years, not even knowing where he lived. As she walked away, Earl realized he had to find her father and make things up between them.

Earl and Randy managed to find her father, but he was a drunken moron who didn't understand anything Earl said. Earl decided that he had to get Gwen and her father together whether they liked it or not, and he attached the trailer to his El Camino and towed it back to Camden. Earl showed her father to Gwen, who was shocked to see what sort of state he was in. She realized that she should not have been angry at him all this time, as he had got what was coming to him, which Earl attributed to karma. She said that she was happy as she was not mad at her father for the first time in 20 years, and told him to cross her off the List.


  • In "Sweet Johnny" when a close up of the List is shown, "Shot Gwen Waters in the ass with a BB" is listed as 10

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