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List Number 273
List Number 273
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Kept myself from being an adult

Number 273 was an item on The List.

Kept myself from being an adult[]

The Camden Savings & Loan set up a booth at the Crab Shack to give out free t-shirts to credit card applicants. After filling out Earl's form the agent told him that they are not allowed to give people who are homeless, unemployed, and uneducated a credit card. Earl said as far as the bank was concerned, he was a child, and what man wants to be treated like a child? Earl realized that his life hadn't changed since high school. Catalina suggests that if he screwed himself out of being an adult he should put himself on his list.

Earl takes his GED test

In order to cross off 273 A, Earl attempts to earn his GED, but he didn't know how to answer any of the questions. He returned back to his old high school to learn, but he found that his old teachers were burnt-out. In order for the teachers to teach Earl, Earl had to break the new batch of teenagers that were troubling the teachers.

In the process of breaking the teenagers, he rallied the teachers to break them as well. They all broke the teenagers and as promised, taught Earl and Randy everything they needed to know ("GED").

Earl and Randy in their new apartment

By getting a job at Waadt Appliance, Earl was able to cross 273 B, "Get a real job" off his list. Earl and Randy enjoyed their fellow co-workers and didn't mind the work, but Earl got bored after the first day. He realized after seeing the sales floor that he wanted to be a salesman. His fellow co-workers didn't support his ambition but he powered through it and became a salesperson after all. After a week of not achieving his sales quota, Earl's co-workers finally support his ambition and by helping fulfill his sales quota, he is promoted to salesman ("Get a Real Job").

Earl and Randy then prepared to move out of the motel so Earl could cross off 273 C, "Move out of the motel", from his List. Earl and Randy found a new apartment, which completed number 273 ("The Trial").


  • This list item was the first one to have subsets:
    • 273 A. Finish high school.
    • 273 B. Get a real job.
    • 273 C. Move out of the motel.

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