2 the Max was a film created by Buddy Zaks.


Max Patrick, a CIA agent, navy seal, gigolo, and devoted family man must stop some terrorists from using a robotic giant squid to kill the president.


Only a few scenes were shown. One was where the President (Randy), the Vice President (Patty), and Max's wife (Joy) was at the white house and the Vice President tells the President the giant squid has attacked New York, then a boom is heard and the President says, "Get me Max Patrick," and Max comes through the door. Another scene has Max and the Ruthless Terrorist (Catalina) arguing then the Terrorist throws a knife at Max, but he blocks it and winks at the camera. One scene has Max about to tell something to the President until Max's flamethrower watch explodes then Max tackles the Present trying to put the fire out. A short scene had the President arriving in a limousine. Max in the New Year's Parade riding a horse. The last scene had Max's wife and the President screaming while the giant squid is attacking them on top of the White House. Max arrives, fights the squid, gets the President in a helicopter and kisses his wife on the cheek and lips. Max then shoots the giant squid with his laser watch. Later, another scene is added where Max activates his jet boots and flies away to Paris with his wife.

Cast and CrewEdit

Buddy Zaks as Max Patrick

Randy Hickey as The President

Joy Turner as Max's Wife

Kenny James as Panicky Scientist

Catalina Aruca as Ruthless Terrorist

Patty as The Vice President

Buddy Zaks The Director

Earl Hickey Producer


"I said, 'get me Max Patrick!'" - The President

"Here I am," - Max

"I eat terrorists for lunch with caviar, I'm Max Patrick," - Max

"I am afraid of no one; it's time to declare a jihad!" - Ruthless Terrorist

"Sorry I'm late; DC traffic is a bitch," - Max

"Okay I'll go, but not without a kiss first?" - Max's Wife

"Hey baby, have you ever been to Paris?" - Max (Final Quote in Film)

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