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Buzz Darville is Joy's father and Connie Darville's husband.

Before Season 1Edit

Buzz and Connie Darville were married and gave birth to Joy. They had a waterbed store; the only one in the county. Buzz had an affair among his several multiracial affairs with a black woman in 1967 ("White Lie Christmas").

Season 1Edit

Buzz and Connie came down to visit Joy, and were shocked to see Earl, who Joy had told them was fighting in Iraq. When they were alone she explained that her father was a racist, so she could not tell him that she was married to Darnell. Earl lied for several days, but then the truth came out when Connie, who had supposedly lost the use of her legs, admitted to having a gambling problem and had stolen lots of money from their waterbed shop to accodate her problem. Then Darnell came out of his sleep and Joy ironically shouts "Oh my God, It's the Negro! We being robbed!", Buzz attacked him.

Earl tell Buzz to stop calling him 'son' and told him that Darnell is his 'son'. Then Buzz asked "You Thelma's boy?", that moment there revealed his dirty secret and the truth; not only he cheated on Connie over the years. But Joy was wrong: her father didn't hate black people, he loved them, most notably black women, but Joy didn't understand why Buzz wouldn't let her date a black guy in High School, Buzz reveals that the particular black guy was her half brother or one of them. Then all of them fought and argued all night about who had the worst secrets then the other. By then Christmas morning came, they stopped fighting and forgave each other and the Christmas morning with their grandsons Dodge and Earl Jr. together before both Buzz and Connie left ("White Lie Christmas").

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