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Derrick Stone is a man who lives at the Pimmit Hills Trailer Park.

Before Season 3Edit

Whenever Derrick started his car to get to work he always wake up Earl and Randy who were annoyed to be woken up before 9:00am, so they buried Derrick's car in mud to get some sleep. Derrick ended up being late for work and got fired, afterwards his girlfriend broke up with him because she told him she didn't date losers. He sold his car to the woman next and decided to take the bus to work.

Season 3Edit

Randy visit Derrick to make up for what he did to get Earl to wake up from his coma but didn't know Derrick sold his car, when the woman next door saw Earl in her car she screamed and attacked him with pepper spray. Randy decided that he could not do anything to help Derrick at the moment, and so left him. Little did Randy know that by putting Earl in the car he had scared the woman who owned the car, and she asked Derrick at the bus stop if he would carpool with her so that she would not be alone. Derrick was happy to and he got in with her and inadvertantly Randy had helped Derrick because he no longer had to ride the bus, and was on the way to getting a new girlfriend. The incident also helped Earl wake up from his coma thanks to karma.

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