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Our Other 'Cops' is On! (Part 2)

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1 November 2007
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Our Other 'Cops' is On! (Part 2)

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Our Other 'Cops' is On! (Part 2) is the 8th episode of Season 3 of My Name Is Earl, and the 55th episode overall. As a result of the Cops episode the prisoners' respect for Randy increases.

Episode guideEdit


This marks the last appearance of Bob Smiley.



Featured musicEdit

  • "One Love" by Bob Marley and the Wailers

  • "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle
  • " Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" by The Hollies

Memorable quotesEdit

  • Earl: I pee out here all the time, but I'm not gonna poop. Our kids play in this yard.

  • Earl: You married?
  • Officer: Not anymore.
  • Earl: Lucky you.
  • Officer: She passed away.
  • Earl: Sweet, no alimony.

  • Officer Hoyne: I read the manual on how to profile possible terrorists, but it was really confusing so I got this from the hardware store. (holds wood samples) I'm questioning anybody that falls between Swiss almond and coconut husk.
  • Tim Stack: The Terrorists have won again, the score is orange to none. America, America, I should have hosted Family Feud
  • Darnell Turner: Stay close, but not too close remembering I'm naked and whatnot.

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Amigos de Garcia - Earl S03E07-08



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