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Philo was a suicidal man whom Earl stole gas from in the past. He was #62 on the List.

Before Season 1Edit

Around one month before discovering karma, Earl and Randy began to steal gas from Philo's car who, coincidentally, was trying to kill himself with car exhaust fumes that same month. After he was unable to kill himself he continued with his miserable life ("Something to Live For").

Season 1Edit


Philo dresses up for his date

Earl took gas back to Philo, who was rude and uninterested in what Earl had to say. Eventually he agreed to take the gas back, and Earl crossed #62 off his List. However, Philo then tried to kill himself by being run over by a car on the road. Earl and Randy talked him out of it, and after discovering that there was a woman Philo loved (who he admitted did not even know who he was), Earl and Randy found something for him to live for. They dressed him up, but Earl was shocked to realise that Joy was the woman Philo loved.

Earl convinced Joy to go on a date with Philo, however it was revealed that she merely did it to make Darnell jealous, and she left Philo as soon as Darnell noticed them together at the Crab Shack. When Earl heard what happened he was worried Philo would try to kill himself again, but he had not done now that he had friends: Earl and Randy. The brothers agreed to hang out with him, despite the fact that they both found him annoying.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • Philo: Hey, why don't you guys come in and watch my old wrestling tapes from high school. I wasn't on the team or nothing but me and my sister had some really close matches.

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