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Richard Chubby, was one of the most powerful men in Camden County, until his death.

Before Season 2[]

Richard Chubby was the owner of Club Chubby and many other businesses. Chubby became power mad over a long period of time, as suggested by Earl who said "when you combine all that money and all that power you get a whole lot of crazy".

Season 2[]

Richard Chubby's picture at his funeral

Joy was sent to jail and her bail was set to one million dollars. Earl went to Richard Chubby and asked him if he could bail Joy out. He said that he was willing to bail her out if Earl got the strip club - Club Chubby - their best dancer to start dancing again. Earl soon learned that this was Catalina. He talked her into dancing again, albeit without mentioning Joy. Darnell told her about bailing Joy out and she got upset, saying "I would never Jump for Joy". Joy then decided to dance and Chubby bailed her out. After drinking too much, however, Joy threw up on the audience, making Chubby go back and collect his bail money. Before Chubby went, everyone was trying to figure out what to do and Earl fell unconscious as a result of being too stressed. Catalina, feeling sorry for Earl, then decided to dance and said "When I Jump, I Jump for Earl but I would never Jump for Joy" ("Jump for Joy").

Chubby died some time later after doing vodka shots from a gun, but accidentally using a real gun instead of the one with vodka in it. His money was passed down to his son Little Chubby, making him the richest and most powerful man in Camden ("Two Balls, Two Strikes").

Season 4[]

Joy told Earl and Darnell that Little Chubby was Dodge 's Father. Because Earl wasn't able to get Little Chubby's DNA he and Randy dug up Richard Chubby's grave, thinking that they would have the exact same DNA. However Earl forgot about Chubby's final ritual where everyone took turns pouring Wild Turkey Whiskey into his coffin causing him to get cremated. Little Chubby saw on his camera his dad's coffin burning and said "Daddy"