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Right Choice Ranch
Right Choice Ranch
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The Right Choice Ranch was a Camp that Earl and Randy attended as children, where Earl supposedly burnt down a barn.

Season 1[]

Earl goes back to the Camp for Troubled Boys to make up for #164 "Burned down a barn at camp" that got him and his relatives banned from the camp, so that Joy's kids can go. After building an Ostrich pen to make up for it, Earl finds out that Randy burnt down the barn. This means that Randy is responsible for all of Earl's bad doings after that point, which is about 200 things. Randy has to return a bird bath and take used gum from where ever Earl put it in his older years.


  • The slogans used for The Right Choice Ranch:
    Touching Bad Boys Since 1963.
    Bringing Boys To Their Knees Since 1963.
    Forcing Boys To Turn Around Since 1963.
    Blowing Boys Minds since 1963.
    We Don't Do Anything Inappropriate to The Boys