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2 October 2008
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Stole an RV is the 4th episode of Season 4 of My Name Is Earl, and the 73rd episode overall. Earl and Randy make amends for a depressed elderly man whose RV they stole years earlier. Their efforts fire him up enough that the man now wants to take revenge on another man who left him on the front line during the Korean War.

Episode guide[]

Earl and Randy are walking along the street, when Randy notices a hat abandoned on a bench, and picks it up, which annoys Earl, as every time Randy finds a new hat, he has a new personality. While Randy is speaking fancy at the Crab Shack, Joy bursts in saying she saw Pigsquatch, a legendary giant pig that lives in the woods near the Pimmit Hills Trailer Park. Darnell isn’t convinced he really saw Pigsquatch, but Joy is now determined to catch it to get tourists attention and reminds Earl of their RV trip.

Earl remembered when he, Joy and Randy stole an old guy called Jerry’s RV to go on vacation. They were enjoying their new life, until the RV exploded because Randy left the stove on. He went to go and make up to Jerry, who was still living in the same spot, but Jerry tells Earl to go away and let him die. Earl decides to help Jerry anyway by fixing the hole in his hut’s roof. Meanwhile Joy is trying to catch Pigsquatch with bacon. Darnell tells her the boys were hungry and went to grab the bacon, when the bush started moving. While Earl is cleaning Jerry’s home, Randy is playing jug music on the radio when Earl notices Jerry moving his feet to the music, and finds out he used to play the jug before the RV was destroyed, so Earl gets a replacement jug. When Jerry tells him his RV was filled with memories, Earl knows he can make it up to Jerry by replacing the stuff before it was destroyed, and asks what else was in the RV. Jerry replies with pictures of his dead wife, so they make it feel like she's hugging him.

Darnell is taking pictures of Joy in front of Pigsquatch, when Earl comes along and askd for the sex doll that Joy used to trick Darnell so she could flee to Mexico. Joy agrees, as she caught Darnell take a bath with her. Darnell noticed that Pigsquatch isn’t breathing. When Joy can’t hear its heartbeat, she knows he's right. Jerry becomes a new man when Earl manages to replace all of his stuff and goes outside for the first time in years. He tells Earl he needs to collect one more thing to replace, and only his old army buddy Joe has it. Earl agrees and takes Jerry to Joe with Randy, but when they get there, Jerry reveals to Earl he only wants to cut off Joe’s ear lobe, as he cut off the other one during the Korean War to make Joe stay with him when he got wounded, but Joe ran off and Jerry got caught. Jerry kept Joe’s ear lobe to remind him how much he wanted to survive and kept it as part of his life after the war before it was destroyed in the RV. Earl and Randy are shocked to hear this.

Earl tries to stop Jerry, but a punch causes him to fall to the ground. He gets up quickly and rushes to the door before Jerry to warn Joe. After Earl tells him about the RV, Joe lets him and Randy in his house, angry with what they had done with Jerry, then starts having a heart attack, and takes a pill to stop it. Joe tries calling the cops, but the line is cut so decides to fight back with his weapons. Earl wants to reason with Jerry, but Joe proves he won’t listen when he puts Randy’s hat on top of a gun and pokes it out the front door to get his with an arrow. At the trailer park, Joy and Darnell try to move Pigsquatch, but because of the weight and size, they don’t succeed.

While Randy complains about his hat, Earl tells Joe he shouldn’t fight Jerry over something that happen years ago, when Joe accidentally pulls a pin out of a grenade, and Earl tried to put it back in. Randy wants him to find him another hat but Earl tells him all his hats wdre stupid and he acted stupid when he wore them. Joe yells at Earl to focus on the grenade. After the pin was back in, Joe yells at them for fighting over a hat, then gets upset for being too scared to go back and save Jerry. Suddenly, they hear a thump on the roof. Joe shoots the celling and shoots the body on the ground, only to see it was the doll dressed as Jerry's wife. They then find out Jerry snuck into the house and started to act, when the two old men start to have heart attacks. Joe only has one pill left, so he gives it to Jerry to make up for what he had done a long time ago.

Luckily Joe and Jerry survive. Jerry tells Joe they're now even and become friends, and they even both help remove Pigsquatch using explosives. Randy thanks Earl for telling him he acted different in hats and promises he wouldn’t do it again, then puts his hat on top of Pigsquatch before the explosion. When Pigsquatch is destroyed, everyone cheers, when suddenly, Pigsquatch’s head lands on the front of Earl’s car.


  • At the end of the episode, when Pigsquatch's head hit Earl's car, it should have left a dent, but just bounced up.
  • When Jerry goes after Joe to cut off his other ear, Joe steps out of his house and turns his head, and there is a bandage where the ear was. In the next shot it is gone.
  • When the RV explodes some of the people running away from it just disappear.



  • Introduced and crossed off in this episode
  1. 47 Stole an RV.

Featured music[]

  • "Going Mobile" by The Who (Flashback to when Earl & Randy steal the RV)
  • "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult (Jerry waits to die)
  • "Copper Miner's Jug Band" by Quinn (Jerry hears jug music on the radio)
  • "I'm Alive" by Electric Light Orchestra (Earl and Randy get things for Jerry's trailer)

Memorable quotes[]

  • Joe: I've seen him kill three Koreans with a single bullet. No gun, just pressing it into their skulls.

  • Earl: He may have had the heart of a killer, but that heart was 75 years-old.




Guest starring[]

  • John Amos as Joe
  • Jerry Van Dyke as Jerry
  • Kevin Cabell as Young Joe
  • Brian Norris as Young Jerry