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Earl's List is a list created by Earl Hickey after he discovered the concept of karma.

The List.

While watching "Last Call with Carson Daly" in the hospital (after being hit by a car shortly after winning $100,000 on a lotto ticket), he learned that doing good will come back to reward you. He wrote down everything wrong he did in his life and started to make up for all the mistakes he had made ("Pilot").

As of the end of the series, Earl has completed at least 95 of the 277 items on the list. In one of Greg Garcia's shows, Raising Hope, a newscast in the background of the pilot episode mentions a "local man" who finally finished going through his list of wrongs that he had committed. Since it is implied that Raising Hope is in the same universe as My Name is Earl, it indicates that Earl may have finally completed his list.


Season 1[]

In Pilot, Earl made a List of 259 numbered items, but in five episodes Earl added one item each, in one episode he added two, and in another his father added one, bringing the count to 267. However, Earl uses #260 on two different occasions, so the total was only up to 266. As of the end of Season 1, Earl has so far completed 36 items, unsuccessfully attempted five, been absolved for two, started work on two items, and intends to leave one permanently unresolved as a reminder, leaving 221 items outstanding.

Season 2[]

As of GED, Earl had completed 57 items, unsuccessfully attempted five, been absolved for at least nine (with the total amount unknown because in The Birthday Party everyone at Earl's party crossed an item off as a present), started work on two items, and intended to leave one permanently unresolved as a reminder, leaving a maximum of 199 items outstanding. Earl added one to the list in three episodes, and four to the list in another, bringing the total to 273.

Season 4[]

Earl crossed off #47, #72, #87, #94 and #231, as well as another three items in The Magic Hour, We've Got Spirit Little Bad Voodoo Brother. He left on #7 in Sweet Johnny as a permanent reminder. He added #276 in Nature's Game Show, which he then crossed off, and #277 and #278 in Pinky, the first of which he also crossed off.



Earl crossing off Additions.

Season 1 made chloe kenny upset when i was in a coma

260 Took away Randy's touchdown ("Randy's Touchdown")

260 Neglected Randy ("Stole Beer from a Golfer") 261 Ruined Joy's Wedding ("Joy's Wedding")

262 Slept with Crab Man's fiancee ("Joy's Wedding")

263 Ruined Randy's life - Unknown

264 Broke bus stop while looking for Poncho the blue fish ("The Professor")

265 Punched Tom in gut ("The Professor")

266 Didn't pay taxes ("Didn't Pay Taxes")

267 Never gave mom a good Mother's Day ("Dad's Car")

268 Lost my own car because I am an Idiot ("Dad's Car")

Season 2

269 Got Catalina deported ("Born a Gamblin' Man")

270 Kept a guy locked in a truck ("Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck")

271 Broke into garages ("Our 'Cops' Is On!")

272 Ran from cops by stealing their car ("Our 'Cops' Is On!")

273 Kept myself from being an adult ("GED")

273 A Finish high school. ("GED")

273 B Get a real job. ("Get a Real Job")

273 C Move out of the motel. ("The Trial")

Season 3

 Made a healer kid scared of his hands (added by Joy while Earl was in a coma)

274 Never bought Randy a ferrari (added by Randy when Earl was in a coma; likely crossed off) ("Camdenites (Part 1)")

275 Never told chicks Randy was a fighter pilot (added by Randy when Earl was in a coma; likely crossed off) ("Camdenites (Part 1)")

Season 4

276 Stole a blue door for the El Camino. ("Nature's Game Show")

277 Broke up Pinky and Randy ("Pinky")


  1. 98 Told Dodge and Earl Jr. we would have a father son day at Mystery Fun Land and didn't take them ("Barn Burner")
  1. 165 Made a wish and threw a penny into Electrolarynx Guy's hole ("The Birthday Party")
  1. 9 Ruined my parents' vacation ("No Heads and a Duffel Bag")

Started 1[]

  1. 136 I've been a litterbug ("Pilot")
  1. 49 Been wasteful ("Quit Smoking")
  1. 260 Neglected Randy ("Randy's Touchdown")
  1. 4 Cost Dad an election ("Cost Dad the Election")
  1. 7 Slept with SJ's GF ("Sweet Johnny")


  1. 260 Neglected Randy ("Stole Beer from a Golfer")
  1. 67 Ran over Crackers ("Dad's Car")


Time Total number of items Completed Absolved Attempted Started Permanent Unaccounted for
Pilot 259 2 0 0 1 0 257
End of Season 1 267 36 3 5 4 1 218
End of Season 2 273 57 at least 9 5 4 1 max of 197
End of Season 3 273 66 at least 10 5 4 1 max of 187
End of Season 4 277 95 at least 10 5 5 1 max of 162

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The List[]

NOTE: Not all numbers on the list have been revealed, therefore the following table only shows those which have been revealed.

The List

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