Warden Jerry Hazelwood

Warden Jerry Hazelwood

Warden Jerry Hazelwood played by Craig T. Nelson is the warden who oversees the A.J. Johnson Prison and all the prisoners in it, though he knew that being a warden is never an easy job at all. He is the husband of Governor Katherine Hazelwood who is overbearing and runs his life. He tries not to make any mistakes to upset his governor wife and destroy their marriage. He appeared in The Gangs of Camden County when he first met and made a friend with Earl who helped him with his favors that reduced Earl's sentences before he got out of prison.

Before Season 3Edit

Warden Hazelwood Plays Guitar Hero III

Jerry Hazelwood plays Guitar Hero III

Before he became the warden, Jerry Hazelwood was just a regular nice guy, though he was a 1980s porn star by the name Richard Jammer before he quit and married Katherine years later. And still, he's the same kind of guy who one enjoyed having a sweet life, having fun such as playing "Guitar Hero III" until his wife Katherine became the governor and ruined all his fun. She even gave him a job with the National Guard in 2001, but that didn't work as he once said "Training? No, these guys don't need training. We're the National Guard, we're never gonna fight in a war." Eventually His wife got Jerry a new job as the warden of A.J. Johnson Prison but unfortunately he just kept making mistakes: letting over 270 prison inmates escape after he allowed them to make ladders, and created a mandatory Bring Daughter to Work Day which was a total flop, and even a nightmare for all prison guards' daughters.


  • Craig T. Nelson and Jason Lee worked together on The Incredibles. Nelson was Bob Parr, the main protagonist and Lee was Syndrome, the main antagonist. Ironically, their roles are switched in the show
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