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William is a resident of the local neighborhood Shady Grove.

Season 2Edit

After Earl apologized to Maggie Lester for bullying her he decided to get to know the other residents of Shady Grove. William was a good cook, like the other residents of Shady Grove he was too scared to go out in public due to his size but after Earl helped him over come his fear he became a chef ("Sticks & Stones").

Season 3Edit

William was seen on the second episode on "Cops" filmed in Camden County. He was holding on to Patty as she was supposed to be in charge of a win a truck contest but the car dealership backed out so she donated herself and the winner got her for an hour. When Officer Stuart Daniels entered the tent Earl complained that William was cheating as he had glued his hand on to Patty, William agreed to lend some glue to anyone who wanted it and threw the glue away. A lot of people including Earl let go and William pointed it out to their disappointment. When Stuart and Jeff announced that there could be a terrorist attack after Earl and Randy stole some of their equipment and fireworks, Patty ran away from the fair with William and two other guys who still had their hands on her ("Our Other 'Cops' Is On! (Part 1)").

Patty was so scared about the possible terrorist attack she decided to keep her next baby, two of the guys with their hands on her walked away but William couldn't get away because of the glue. William’s hand was still stuck on Patty when the fireworks went off at night ("Our Other 'Cops' Is On! (Part 2)").

William helped to tip Joy and Darnell's trailer back onto its proper side after Earl had knocked it over during a drunken evening ("Camdenites (Part 1)").

While William and Kevin were walking by the road Billie, who was undoing all the items on Earl's List, drove by with a group of tourists in Earl's car telling them to laugh at William and Kevin saying they didn't have emotions. William tried to go after her but Kevin held him back, they both went to see Earl to complain about Billie as Shady Grove was full of tourists who wanted to see "Freak Town" ("Camdenites (Part 2)").

Season 4Edit

William worked as the boom operator on Buddy's film "2 the Max". While filming a rope lifting Randy up snapped and he landed on William ("The Magic Hour").

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